MEHTA Engineering provides Construction Management, Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) and Surveying services for numerous roadway projects in urban and rural areas. Following are a few examples:

SR 5A (Nova RD) Five Mile Reconstruction
Location:  Flomich AVE to Herbert ST, Orlando FL
Description:  CM, CEI and Surveying
Date:  2002 - 2005

Conway RD (SR 15) Add Lanes and Reconstruction
Location:  Hoffner AVE to Curryford RD, Orlando FL
Description:  CM, CEI and Surveying
Date:  1998 - 2000

SR 436 Widening
Location:  Pearl Lake CSWY to Douglas AVE, Altamonte Springs FL
Description:  CM, CEI and Surveying
Date:  1999 - 2001

SR 417 & University BLVD, Orlando FL


MEHTA Engineering provides Program Management, Construction Management and CEI services for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority, Turnpike Authority and many others.  Following are a few examples:

SR 417 Widening and University BLVD., Mainline
Description:  Express Toll Plaza, CEI and Surveying
Date:  2002 - 2003

SR 91 / Florida Turnpike, Mainline
Description:  CM, CEI and Surveying
Date:  2001 - 2003

I-4 Widening / Interchange Reconstruction
Location:  Polk / Osceola Co. Line to SR 530
Description:  CM, CEI and Surveying
Date:  2004 - 2005

Ringling Causeway Bridge, Sarasota FL


MEHTA Engineering provides Construction Management and CEI services for numerous roadway, highway and waterway bridges with a wide variety of constructability complications and parameters. The following are a few examples:

SR 789 at Ringling Causeway Bridge
Location:  Sarasota, FL
Description:  Segmental bridge which included the removal of the existing bridge and construction of a new 1 mile bridge from 2002-2004 with a construction costs of $40MM

Fuller Warren Bridge
Location:  Jacksonville, FL
Description:  Passing through downtown Jacksonville which included removal and construction of a new 1-2 mile bridge from 1995 - 2002 with construction costs of $130MM

Buckman Bridge
Location:  Between Jacksonville and Oakridge, FL
Description:  Off I-295 which included reconstruction and widening to six lanes from 1993-1996 with construction costs of $110MM

SunRail Phase One, Orlando FL


MEHTA Engineering also provides Construction Management, CEI, Survey and more for Railway projects.

Location:  From DeBary to Orlando, FL
Description:  This Commuter Rail Line runs along 61 miles of existing rail freight tracks in the four-county area of Orange, Seminole, Volusia and Osceola counties. Phase I included running 31 miles from DeBary to Orlando and opened on May 1st, 2014. Phase II expanded the line to DeLand and Poinciana, and was completed in 2016 with a total construction cost of $615MM

High Speed Rail
Location:  From Tampa to Orlando, FL
Description:  MEHTA personnel set aerial targets and performed field surveys to establish horizontal coordinates and vertical elevation data on the targets for use in preparing photogrammetric maps and digital terrain models for the Florida High Speed Rail Alignment between Tampa and Orlando; which is an 85 mile corridor. These and other additional conventional field survey tasks were produced during the period of May 2010 through February 16, 2011; in coordination with the Florida Department of Transportation Central office staff. The total construction costs were estimated at $2.4 billion.

Orlando International Airport, Orlando FL


MEHTA Engineering has provided program management, construction managment and inspection services to the Orlando International Airport (MCO) multi-billion dollar work program since 1988. Below are a few examples of the wide range of areas we support:

  • Bridges and Access Roads Design and Improvement
  • Crossfield Taxiway 
  • Central Plant Extension 
  • Energy Company – AHVAC Improvement 
  • Mechanical Inspection of Vertical Core Buildings
  • MCO South Access Road – from MCO to Kissimmee – Preliminary Design and Survey of entire six miles of South Access Road.
  • MCO Wastewater Forcemain – Design and Survey of four mile Wastewater Forcemain.

Orange County Courthouse, Orlando FL


MEHTA Engineering provided threshold inspection services for this landmark building with 1,500,000 square feet of offices, court rooms and other spaces. The Orange County Courthouse Complex, now the second tallest building in Orlando, Florida and was built from 1994 - 1997 and includes a 30 + story tower with two six story buildings as well as a parking garage with a total construction costs of $150MM.

MEHTA Engineering also provided threshold inspection along with structural, mechanical and electrical inspection services for the original phase of Orange County Convention Center, which is recognized as one of the top three convention centers in the United States. This world renown Convention Center has a total of 2,100,000 square feet of convention and office space and a total construction cost of over $750MM.

Sneads Weigh-in-Motion Station


MEHTA Engineering has acquired special experience and expertise in CM and CEI services for the new "Weigh-in-Motion" and "Virtual Weigh-in-Motion" technologies allowing heavy vehicles/trucks to be weighed while in motion (without stopping). Some examples of these specialty stations are below:

I-10 (SR8) Sneads Weigh-in-Motion Station
Date:  1999 - 2001

I-10 New Pensacola Weigh-in-Motion
Date:  1999 - 2001

I-95 West Palm Beach Weign-in-Motion
Date:  2007 - 2009